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Voters on Donald Trump

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Among voters nationwide

“Are you general optimistic or pessimistic about the next four year with Donald Trump as president?”

Optimistic: 52%
Pessimistic: 43%

“Do you think that Donald Trump will be a better president than President Obama, a worse president, or will be about the same as President Obama?”

Better: 34%
Worse: 45%
Same: 15%


Among voters nationwide

“Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling [has handled] his presidential transition?”

CNN: Approve: 40%, Disapprove: 52%
ABC/WP: Approve: 40%, Disapprove: 54%

RON’S COMMENT: These two new polls show that only 40% of voters approve of the way Trump is handling his transition. Trump’s numbers are much lower than other recent presidents during their transitions. According to CNN, his approval is much better among men (50%) than women (31%). Trump’s approval by party: 8% among Democrats, 80% among Republicans and 42% among independents.

“Have Donald Trump’s statements and actions since Election Day made you more confident or less confident in his ability to serve as president?”

More confident: 37%
Less confident: 53%
No difference: 9%

RON’S COMMENT: In mid-November, this poll showed 48% of voters were more confident and 43% less confident. This is an indication that things have somewhat worsened for Trump as the transition has gone on.


Among U.S. voters nationwide

% = Favorable/ Unfavorable
Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain 79%/ 6%
Pope Francis 66%/ 13%
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 44%/ 15%
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 37%/ 26%
German Chancellor Angela Merkel 31%/ 18%
British Prime Minister Theresa May 29%/ 14%
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto 24%/ 22%
Cuban President Raul Castro 12%/ 57%
Russian President Vladimir Putin: 12%/ 71%
Chinese Leader Xi Jinping 10%/ 36%
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un 4%/ 80%

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