Who Is Registering to Vote so Late?

There is an important generational aspect to this referendum campaign that is playing out in the tactics used by both sides.

Older people, who are much more likely to vote, are splitting significantly in favour of Vote Leave whilst younger voters are firmly with In. Some polls show over 60% of over 60’s support leaving the EU.

This provides important context to the Government’s seemingly charitable decision to extend the voter registration deadline this week. Figures provided by the Government show that in the two days after the original deadline, 437,000 voters submitted registration forms, over half, 246,100 were under 35, with 25-34 year olds the most likely to register.

Some outers were left in no doubt that ministers wanted to register as many potential In supporters as possible.

Despite this, crucial campaign momentum has been with Leave this week. Some polls put the two sides neck and neck and there is a feeling that the immigration argument has been cutting through ahead of Remains continued focus on the economy.

By Lexington Communications