A Referendum Viewed Through a Domestic Political Prism

The EU referendum is one of the most significant political ballots in modern times, raising grand issues about sovereignty and economic prosperity. Yet both sides of the debate have struggled to get messages around these themes to cut through or gain prominence.

Classic campaign tactics, such as public letters from business people or celebrities, are yielding diminishing returns as the media devotes less attention to the European debate and more interest in the domestic political arguments being made within it. Political journalists tasked with reporting on the Referendum have focused increasing coverage on the Shakespearian bloodletting being played out amongst the parties.

Last week saw no dip in drama, with headlines focussing on senior Tories butting heads; Michael Gove denying leaking letters from business to undermine Cameron; and Jeremy Corbyn batting off suggestions he would vote leave in the ballot box. All of which underlines how challenging it is for the respective Remain and Leave campaigns to secure interest in discussions around matters of policy.

By Lexington Communications