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  1. APRIL 19th

    New York primary

  2. APRIL 26th

    Connecticut primary
    Delaware primary
    Maryland primary
    Pennsylvania primary
    Rhode Island primary

  3. MAY 3rd

    Indiana primary

  4. MAY 7th

    Guam Democratic caucuses

  5. MAY 10th

    Nebraska Republican primary

    West Virginia primary

  6. MAY 17th

    Kentucky Democratic primary

    Oregon primary

  7. MAY 24th

    Washington state Republican primary

  8. JUNE 4th

    U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses

  9. JUNE 5th

    Puerto Rico Democratic caucuses

  10. JUNE 7th

    California primary
    Montana primary
    New Jersey primary
    New Mexico primary
    South Dakota primary

    North Dakota Democratic caucuses

  11. JUNE 14th

    District of Columbia Democratic primary

  12. JULY 18th

    Republican National Convention

  13. JULY 25th

    Democratic National Convention

  14. SEPTEMBER 26th

    Presidential debate

  15. OCTOBER 4th

    Vice presidential debate

  16. OCTOBER 9th

    Presidential debate

  17. OCTOBER 19th

    Presidential debate

  18. NOVEMBER 8th

    Election day